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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When Foreign Ads Anger Other Markets

I’m a regular reader of several automotive blogs and one of my favorites is Jalopnik, a more irreverent version of AutoBlog or as one recent Twitter user put it – the Top Gear of the web. So it was no surprise to see a recent post covering Suggestive Automotive Print Ads that featured a very controversial BMW ad from Greece.

The ad ran in the summer of 2008 and keeps popping up every few months, thus creating a lot of negative press for BMW’s marketing efforts with some fierce bloggers and readers saying they’ll never buy a BMW. Granted, most likely empty threats, but still it is not a well-received ad when viewed by, let’s call them, “grownups” and I’m not talking age.

It was an ad, ran only in Greece where the age of consent is 15 and in a country lacking our Puritanical values. Does that make it right? No, because now with everything so easily sharable across the web, everyone gets to see how you market your products. Even if you designed an ad to appeal to male buyers in a small niche market, now the whole world knows about it and that is why it is so important for global brands to see what is going on across their agencies and to consider the backlash some regionally developed ads may cause when shared beyond the intended audience.

Some bloggers, who fail to research which sites are manufacturer ones and which ones are not, have generated some additional confusion about the ad.

Blogger Yvonne DiVita writes, “even the comments on the BMW site are divided...with too many men (at least I think they're men) making the kind of lewd, insulting remarks you would expect."

The sad thing is that the “comments on the BMW site” are not on a BMW site, they are from Ads of the World’s website which has no association with BMW (note: ad has been removed from the Ads of the World site.) The site aggregates ads from every country and the comments are probably from a bunch of random marketing people who frequent the site, not BMW owners (though some may be?)

BMW has not responded to any of this from what I could gather on search or looking through press releases on various BMW sites including the corporate BMW Group news area.

It’s been almost a year since the ad appeared in Greece and it is still showing up whenever someone wants to discuss sexism in automotive advertising. It was a concept done in poor taste, regardless of cultural mores. It also raises the importance of corporate review of international ads and how messages can affect brand perception in other countries since content sharing is so easy in the Internet age.

Yet it has had little to no affect on BMW sales, so maybe all of this doesn't really matter as we hear today that BMW is to overtake Lexus as the best selling luxury brand in the United States.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Certfiled Pre-Owned Conquesting New Car Shoppers found that 32 percent of car shoppers who were thinking of buying a new car are now looking for a more affordable used car as a result of the economy. None of this is that surprising as people are downsizing their expenses.

What is interesting is how OEMs are moving their focus to pre-owned certified program promotion. Mercedes-Benz USA leads its website with a message about their certified program and Lexus has increased their CRM email communications about their 2.9% special financing deal for CPO vehicles.

Lexus developed campaign on CPO called 60 to 0 that urges buyers, "60 Days to Make a Smart Decision." Of course, the site features a countdown clock in case you are curious how long you have to avoid stupidity.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Luxury Certified Pre-Owned Sales Up! (really)

From the Wall Street Journal, Sales of Used Luxury Cars Rise: “Demand for used luxury cars is remarkably strong compared to the wilting new vehicle market. The trends suggest affluent car buyers aren't paralyzed. But they are searching for a new balance between saving money and hanging on to the lifestyle to which they became accustomed in better times.”

Picking up a used luxury car is a good idea in today’s market where Used Exotics are Going for Honda Accord Money.

So who is pushing certified pre-owned (CPO) in their marketing? BMW, who is mentioned in the article, is running a promotion for 0.9% financing. Lexus is doing a 2.9% promotion n the RX model. Other brands are also providing financing incentives across their CPO fleet.

I did a quick survey to see how the luxury brands promote CPO on their homepages. Of luxury brands in the USA, 77% have CPO links on their main navigation. Some brands make it a bit more difficult to locate pre-owned models. Mercedes-Benz is one who does not include a link to CPO from their main navigation; though, they do promote the content using a link from the main image on the homepage (it’s a simple small-font text link.)

Bentley actually makes the most prominent promotion of their used-vehicle offerings. There are two prominent access points to used car listings. Bentley suffered a new vehicle sales drop of 20% for all of 2008, so moving product, even used is imperative to keep sales going in this economy.