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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Audi Puts Claire Danes in Prison to Sell You Diesel

Audi just launched their latest campaign promoting TDI Diesel vehicles to Americans.  It's definitely not their first attempt to raise the profile of diesel in a market where gas prices are still in the $3-$4 range and more and more options such as hybrids, electric and high-mileage gas cars continue to provide choices for the fuel conscious consumer.

The latest campaign features actor Claire Danes in an Orange is the New Black prison inspired theme where Danes has her name mispronounced as the running joke in the long form ad. She imagines travel to an award show with a chauffeur. Or what a drive would be like solo in the new Audi A6 TDI.

All of it ends in the ability of the Audi to drive 700 miles using one tank of gas. It's a long three plus minutes to get to the final payoff with lots of beauty shots of the Audi driving the open road. Unlike a lot of fuel saving vehicle ads there is no information about how many MPGs the car produces or what benefits diesel may have over other fuel economical cars, just that it's better than driving with an odd over-sharing limo driver.

Today's Business Insider wrote about Audi ignoring the easy way to promote diesel, inspired after sitting through this celebrity inundated commercial. The writer suggests Audi should dump the ambiguous "TDI" nomenclature and just tag the cars as "Diesel" on the car itself. This simple move would show that diesels are quiet, attractive, and not smelly.

Personally, I like the ad "The Station." While it may not promote solid MPGs or tell me why I should buy TDI over EV, PEV, or a Hybrid, it definitely is memorable and tells me Audi makes diesel cars, not that an automotive enthusiast needs a reminder.

So what do you think? Do you like the Claire Danes ad and Audi's latest approach to selling diesel?


Monday, February 1, 2010

Audi's Green Super Troopers

"The Green Police is, in many ways, a representation of the impact every day choices have on the environment- from choosing paper or plastic bags at the grocery store and drinking bottled water to the type of car we drive," said Scott Keogh, chief marketing officer, Audi of America. "The star of our ad is the Audi A3 TDI, awarded the Green Car Journal's 2010 'Green Car of the Year' award, and clearly a great option for customers who want to be greener without sacrificing the thrill of driving."
So is the Audi Diesel campaign not making traction? Or is this just some really obscure experiment that is acceptable during Super Bowl commercial folly? I get the make better “green” decisions to better the planet, but I don’t know how watching a bunch of fake cops talk about how many napkins I’m supposed to take when eating a burrito will increase interest in Audi’s A3 TDI. Perhaps that is coming on Super Bowl Sunday.

I get that it is supposed to be satirical, but it’s really boring. It lacks the fun and good writing of Audi’s other recent viral video concept “Meet the Beckers.”

But who cares what I think: How is the response from those who have checked out the YouTube videos? Apparently the green one napkin per sandwich routine isn’t resonating. A few of many representative comments I pulled from YouTube:
“trying to save the planet with recycling and saving napkins is like bringing a dustpan and brush to an earthquake”

“Aren't napkins compostiable [sic], recycleable [sic] and most are made from recycled material? Sometimes environmentalists need to pick their battles. Stupid stuff like this is a waste.”

“wouldn't it be better if places just switched to cloth napkins if dining in?”

“Manbearpig approves of this message!”
The other issue is the use of “Green Police” for the campaign. The phrase "Gruene Polizei" is well known as the name used for the Nazi police force due to the green uniforms they wore. Fortunately for Audi it is well known by history buffs and not the general U.S. population; though, some articles are already getting published discussing this as a potential public relations snafu for Audi’s otherwise innocuous campaign.

Sure the Green Police title will get some negative buzz but I doubt it will have much impact on the campaign. The bigger issue is around whether this police parody will have any impact on getting U.S. consumers interested in Audi Diesels.

Visit the campaign's YouTube Channel for more: